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    New H3C : The Leader in Digital Solutions

    As the digital economy sweeps the globe, it remains an urgent task for enterprises to find a helper with both insights into the demands of industrial digital transformation and also the practical ability to make it happen. Taking pride in its insights into the development of the digital economy, New H3C is in a position to provide enterprises with products and solutions that meet their core demands as they strive to accelerate their digital transformation.

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    News & Events

    2018 NAVIGATE Summit: Driven by Applications and Shaping the Digital Future

    Digitalization technology is becoming an organic part of society and the economy, integrating with every social and economic segment.

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    Tony Yu from New H3C: “China’s Technologies Light Up Overseas...

    Tony Yu, president and CEO of New H3C, said: “We are a technology enterprise with a global vision and business in over 100 countries and regions.

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    New H3C Invites Officials from the “Seminar on Development for Developing...

    On May 23 2018, officials from the “Seminar on Development for Developing Countries” of the Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development...

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